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Applications of magnets

Due to their versatile forms and possibilities of application magnets have become indispensable. Here a survey on the typical applications.

Machinery and drive engineering:

electric motors, textile machines, brakes, drive couplings (permanently magnetic), robots

Electrical engineering:

Hall sensor technology, Reed switch, relay, electric tools, proximity sensors

Automotive engineering:

antilock braking system, tachometers, window regulators, central locking system, wipers, airbag

Power engineering:

windmills, dynamos, generators

Conveyer technology:

pumps, lifts, conveyor bands

Aeronautical and aerospace engineering:

navigation, control systems, physical facilities

Measurement and regulation technologies:

scales, magnetic valves, gas, water and electric meters, level measurement

Organization and control technologies:

warehouse labeling, organization, packaging

Medical engineering:

magnetic resonance tomograph

Textile sector:

magnetic closures


televisions, microphones, telephones, headsets, loudspeakers

Model making:

for the construction of electric motors, cleaning of rails, sensor technology, automation

Furniture production:

opening mechanisms, supporters

Office requirements:

pin boards, classification systems, name badges

Garage and Hobby:

cleaning of motor oil, find and recover objects, fixation of tools and devices, removal of bumps, fixation of objects


pin board, delete media (hard disks, audiotapes, videotapes, cash cards), removal of swarfs

Research and school:

experiments, atom model

Games and handicraft:

jewelry, magnetic curtain, decorative magnets, gift ideas, legerdemains

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