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In general:

NdFeB is the most commonly used magnetic material because of its high energy density and good production costs. This type of rare earth material is made of neodymium, iron and boron. NdFeB magnets are colloquially known as neodymium magnets. They are universally applicable. NdFeB magnets are permanent magnets with a fixed magnetization direction (anisotropic) and are extremely resistant against demagnetized fields.

Areas of application:

magnetic holding systems

generators and electric motors

Hall sensor technology (as transmitting magnet)

filter systems

pin boards


The max. operating temperature is 200°C depending on the type of grade. In most cases it is only 80°C! Due to a high amount of iron, magnets are likely to corrode.

High level of sensitivity in reaction to impact and pressure.


The neodymium magnets are supplied with the following types of coatings:

NiCuNi nickel (glossy metallic)

Black epoxy


Please read the included precautions before use. Neodymium magnets can be attached by gluing, overmoulding or snapping. Strong magnets should be handled particularly careful and we advise you to first use an insulating material between magnet and object, e.g. a piece cloth or polystyrene in case you want to fix the magnet to a magnetic surface.

Neodymium magnets in different forms and sizes

We dispose of neodymium magnets in form of discs, blocs, cubes, rods, rings or spheres in different sizes. The neodymium magnets in form of a cube are available e.g. in the sizes from 1mm to 20mm.

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