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Permanent magnets

Magnets that keep their magnetic field (even without circuit), are called permanent magnets. These permanent magnets consist of one or more north and south poles. Most frequently permanent magnets are composed of iron, nickel, cobalt and ferrite.

Permanent magnets - where they are used

There are a lot of application possibilities for permanent magnets, from simple adhesive applications to the installation in diverse machines. A permanent magnet can also be used in the construction of apparatus and engineering, as well as in the medical engineering, textile industry or aeronautical and aerospace engineering. Did you know that many modern automobiles also contain a multitude of permanent magnets? They are installed in e.g. tachometers or central locking systems.

Precautions for the handling of permanent magnets

Like all the other magnets also permanent magnets can be dangerous for humans. Magnets of all kinds should be kept out of reach of children. People with pacemakers should avoid magnets because they could disturb the functioning. Permanent magnets must not be sawed or drilled. Some objects could be disturbed or damaged by the magnetic force of permanent magnets, e.g. hearing aids, monitors, loudspeakers and televisions.

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