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Here in this category you can find a huge variety of small disc magnets and mini magnets. Most of them are axially magnetized and lie fully on the flat circular surfaces. The most common coating is an alloy of nickel (NiCuNi). It protects the disc magnet and permits a shiny surface. In this rubric you can get the smallest form of disc magnets, the mini magnets. Of course we offer more sizes and special designs on request.

Mini magnets in from of a disc also usable for pin board

Some of the disc magnets can be used perfectly as pin board magnets. Especially the small mini magnets in form of a disc are ideally suited therefor. We dispose of disc magnets with different strengths. Thus, there are magnets with an adhesive force of 25g or 30g. These small disc magnets or mini magnets are strong enough to pin a little note to the wall or can also be used for model making. Please consider that especially those small disc magnets and mini magnets do not belong in children's hands because due to their small size they can easily be swallowed or inhaled.

Our biggest magnet has a high adhesive force of 2,5kg. Also this magnet must be kept out of the reach of children otherwise injuries may result! People with pacemaker or hearing devices should not stay near magnets. The magnetic field could disturb the function of those sensitive devices.

Favorable shipping rates of disc magnets and mini magnets

We ship disc magnets, mini magnets and all the other magnets of our range within Germany for just 3 EUR. There is neither a minimum order amount nor a minimum order value. The delivery is free of shipping costs within Germany if the minimum order value is 50 EUR.

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