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Nearly every household has a fridge. Often the fridge door is just white and dull and an unused surface. Why leave it like that when it can be of practical and sensible use? Due to its metallic characteristics a fridge door is the perfect primer for magnets. To render it special we offer particularly beautiful designmagnets. Turn your fridge door into a pin board for important notes like the shopping list or information for other family members and pin them all to the fridge door with our magnets.

With magnets for the fridge you can also pin appointments or recipes to the door and remove them quickly. Or you could also use funny magnets to pin pieces of art of your children to the fridge door. Our fridge magnets are very strong and hold the pictures without any problems. We dispose of very different kinds of fridge magnets like flowers, stars and hearts. In our shop you can also find magnetic figures which can hold different kinds of objects. A special for App fans: our magnets in App design!

Have a look at our shop! Besides fridge magnets we also offer different magnetic tapes and sheets and magnetic paint.

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