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Neodymium rod magnets with axial magnetization

Here you can find rod magnets of NdFeB (Neodymium) in different sizes. The rod magnet is used for engineering and tool making. Rod magnets have 2 magnetic poles pointed in the same direction. The pieces to grab are safely attracted. The axial magnetization guarantees that the rod magnets are lying entirely on the even circular surfaces.

What is there to consider when handling a rod magnet?

If the rod gripper is directly surrounded by iron during installation​ it could lead to an adhesive force reduction of up to 15%. To avoid force reduction, a minimum distance of 1.5 mm should be respected from the brass casing of the rod gripper to the surrounding iron.

Find rod magnets and more

In our shop you can find magnetic paint, magnetic bars, strips and sheets, supermagnets, magnetic spheres, permanent magnets, ring magnets or magnetic systems with hooks, eyelets and threads.

Of course we also offer magnets for pin boards, disc and block magnets, magnetic strips and pot magnets.

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