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Magnetic spheres of neodymium

Magnetic spheres do not only fascinate adults but also children. Magnetic spheres are especially suited for experimentations. You can also become creative and, with a certain number of spheres, you can produce real pieces of art. They are particularly suited to explain children the special force of magnets. Our magnetic spheres of neodymium are especially strong and adhere perfectly to one another.

But magnetic spheres as well as other small magnets must be kept out of the reach of children because they can be swallowed easily. Never let children play unattended with magnetic spheres or other small magnets.

We dispose of magnetic spheres in different sizes and different adhesive forces. In our shop we offer spheres with the following adhesive forces: 120g, 300g, 400g or 800g and with diameters of 3mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm.

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