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The office magnet – the indispensable assistant

Office magnets are used very often in school, at home and of course in the office. Here, besides office magnets, you can find magnetic products for the office in many sizes, forms and colors as well as magnetic name badges.

An office magnet adheres to all metallic surfaces and is perfectly suitable as support for keys or jewelry. It can not only be used on pin boards but also on metallic whiteboards.

Besides the classic office magnets we also offer organizational magnets and magnetic pins. The dull workaday life becomes more colorful when you use the mutlicolored office magnets and magnetic pins. They always attract the attention - no important appointment which is fixed with an office magnet will be forgotten!

Have a look at our wide range of products.

Office magnet Flexman

An office magnet does not have to be simple and boring. Our colorful Flexman magnets prove it! The Flexman is also a great present as it spreads fun everywhere! It can be combined with other Flexmen. Also our funny and original office magnet Hangman holds important things firmly on the pin board.

Office magnets and much more ...

In our wide assortment of different magnets there is a magnet for everyone! We also offer magnetic paint, magnetic tapes, sheets and strips. Of course we also dispose of magnetic spheres and rods, magnets for the fridge and pot magnets. Also a useful utensil is the practical magnet with hook. You will be amazed about the huge selection in our shop! Please have a look at all our different categories!

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