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Ring magnets of different sizes

Here in this rubric you can find small ring magnets with a diameter of less than 10 mm. The ring magnets we offer have either a nickel-plated or a gold-plated surface. The ring magnet is used in many sectors e.g. in the industry as industrial magnet or in private life for hobbies. Ring magnets can be diametrically or axially magnetized. Please consider this when you select a magnet.

Ring magnet - please consider these advices

As well as the other magnets ring magnets are not a toy and must be kept out of the reach of children! A ring magnet can have strong adhesive forces and cause bruises. They can also disturb the function of pacemakers. Do not drop a ring magnet - it could split. Do not drill, saw or file a ring magnet!

Ring magnets with a nickel-plated surface can be a problem for people with a nickel allergy. To avoid allergic reactions please use gloves when handling with magnets.

What effects does a ring magnet have on electric devices?

The effect of ring magnets is often underestimated. You should be especially careful when you deal with monitors, televisions, watches, loudspeakers and hearing devices. The ring magnet could damage these devices.

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