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MTS Magnete - Your partner for the acquisition of permanent magnets of all kinds for company customers, merchants, state facilities and private persons. We attach importance to the highest quality and simultaneously reasonable magnet prices already for small quantities. Neodymium magnets in industrial quality to top conditions are our special subject.

Among other things our product range for neodymium magnets contains magnetic discs, blocks, rods, cubes, rings and spheres. The self-adhesive magnets are also very popular with our customers. The category Magnetic Systems contains practical magnets, ideal for industrial use, optional with bore, counterbore, thread or hook.

On customer request we can also offer you AlNiCo and SmCo magnets for special requirements in the range of temperature or corrosion resistance. From a simple fridge magnet to various office magnets up to customized segment magnets, here you make a find.


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